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    JOIN THE JOURNEY: jacobthewailliam.BEATS@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- let me begin.. I am here introducing Old Grievance - A brand new record label based out of Portland, OR. Sign up today to follow their newsletter & every two weeks get delivered to your inbox: - 5 beats/instrumentals made by production team members Billy Busybody, Blind Unkle Vernon, & myself - Jacobthewilliam. (1 from each). I should mention that a lot of these will be constructed with real instruments, by our in-house band. - A handwritten poem scanned from my personal journal. These may be humorous or insightful or encouraging or torturous or complete nonsense, etc... but in general mostly simple observational themes as I write them. (Now I should mention that I've never shared my writings before this is a bit scary. However, the whole idea behind this is to push me out of my comfort zone. We'll see how it goes) - A brief lesson in the music industry/history as well as specific company news. These will include marketing and promotion ideas, music business and copyright laws, how anyone can earn money, audio production tips & tricks, songwriting and musical structure... You get the point. But my favorite section will be the history lesson. Most definitely. - AND any other random cool shit I feel like including! Such as free downloads of sample/drum kits I make. Plugins. I really don't even know yet! SO...All of these things are being combined together to make your day a little more enjoyable and to help us all become more PROLIFIC. Once again just shoot us your email and I'll see to it that every Bi-weekly issue will be worth your time! I promise I'll try my best and my very talented friends are offering a hand when needed. But if there's something you don't like, obviously you're welcome to unsubscribe at any time no questions asked. Thank You. Very much appreciated AS ALWAYS - Jacobthewilliam.BEATS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- & REMEMBER: SIGN UP TODAY AND YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO A LINK TO DOWNLOAD 5 OF MY BEATS MY OWN HANDWRITTEN POEM JOIN THE JOURNEY: jacobthewilliam.BEATS@gmail.com
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  • Über mich
 I’m a multi-genre producer from Portland, OR. I've been writing, programing, performing and producing for 18 years now since I was a young boy. That is when I started out playing drums and eventually, taught myself all the other instruments as well. I got hooked on hip-hop & making beats by the time I turned 13 or so. Now I'd like to take a moment to point out that back in those days there were no computers yet. In fact at that age I managed to figure out a way to layer sounds on top one another by using two separate tape decks i would switch the tape back and forth hitting the pause button in order to keep my spot lol. I eventually saved up all my money and got a few drum machines (Roland mc- 303, Dr. Groove 202 & later a Dr. Sample and Emu MP7) and recorded onto A-dat tapes as well as a Fostex vf160 hard disk recorder. This was all I needed. My entire teenage and adolescence was consumed by these devices. It was the coolest thing to me. I was the only kid in Jr. High and even High School who was recording music and I even started selling beats at 16 lol. I had hundreds of them. All your mixes were written directly to CD in order to hear it... So... if that hi-hat was too loud... You had to remember your settings you'd hopefully written down, mix it live by hand all the way through, and burn it again to CD to hear the results. Consequently, I had thousands of CD's everywhere you could imagine... oh man those were the days!!! It wasn't like some friend of mine gave me a torrent of FL studio like most all the producers of today HAHA... man.. Anyway... My sound comes from my soul and however im feeling at that particular moment. I do not make "type" beats and attempt to sell to rappers who just want mimic who they hear on the radio & see on T.V. I've been doin his long enough to be naive. & I am too creative to copy trends. I'm not your guy if that's what you're looking for... Thanks! # Spread Love! ℗ 2019 OLD GRIEVANCE™x≈≈≈≈xx
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