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    Wednesday December 07, 2011( 04:28 PM)

    Sittin miss kissin my girl but now I got the world in my hands
    And lifes demands
    Don’t need anyone ellses blood on my hands
    No more dissin bands
    Im past that
    Now Im just spittin ta rap
    Don’t know where Im at on this map
    All I know is Im never gonna quit
    Gonna git every lil bit of it before I lose it
    Im gonna use it and your gonna feel it when I kill it like I just killed you
    You’re a fool if you think Im gonna be beat by you tool
    You cant over come my rule
    Im bustin these raps all over my school


    Wednesday December 07, 2011( 04:25 PM)

    Spoken: Im sick of all this crap.
    Think its time ta bust out,
    And get everything straight.
    Think its time for a new life
    Rapped: Yea,
    When I flow ta this beat
    Your gonna eat it like Im servin you beef
    Somethin wrong? You’re shakin like a leaf
    You made me go back on my beliefs
    Soon my pain and your life is gonna sees
    Im gonna release my demon
    After that maybe there will be peace
    Don’t act like you’re higher than space with that grease on your face
    It’s too great a pace for you to replace me
    Im the king
    That bell in your head better ring (ding ding)
    What Im seeing is you being an idiot while Im killin it
    I love it cause everyone is finally feelin it
    And you aint steelin it
    You want it so bad but you can’t get it so deal with it
    You just aint real in it
    Im dealin it
    While Im killin it
    Now Im gonna put a seal on it
    I do this shit so I can put a meal on it
    It aint for fun it’s either this or a gun
    Like a cheetah I run
    If you even tried you would burst a lung
    Don’t waste your time tryin ta get where I am
    It’s just so damn hard
    I get sick of bein and havin a body guard
    Im good at this cause my brain is jarred
    I been bent and flipped like a card
    You can’t even make it to my front yard it’s so hard
    Don’t you get it retard Im gonna burn you so hard your girls gonna feel it

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