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Seit 2011-10-23  |  Letzte Anmeldung: 2018-06-25

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    Saturday February 11, 2012( 07:37 PM)

    happy birthday bruh :)

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    Put GOD first and trying to sell beats online are my main focus right now. Born and raised in Greenville NC, I always had a passion for music but never knew I had a talent to make music until I moved to Atlanta then the dream became reality with small steps in understanding what tools I needed to go foward in music making. Starting off making beats on playstation with a game called Music Generator and progressed into FL Studio was definitely like night and day. But I did what I had to do to suceed.
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    GitNardO productions



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    IL Fruity Loops

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    Gitnardo, WOP, St Clair, Santfied Souljahs, Double, Faithwalker, Demonkiller, E Hud, Po Boy, Millz

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