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    Tuny Beats started producing Hip Hop Instrumentals in 2001. Since then he focused on perfect his craft as a music producer and sound designer. To bring the right sound on the right spot and looking for hours to find the best fitting instruments for each beat is important as creating extraordinary melodies, drum sequences and sound shapes. Be creative and looking for the sound others don’t have is his everyday routine. Even if he uses some ideas from other artists he is still developing it to another level. Tuny Beats worked with people all over the world as well as local artists that came to record songs in his studio in Germany. To record talented rappers and singers and make the beat fit to the recording situation and the need of the artist helped him to understand what a beat needs to become a hit. In 2008 he began to work with companies like Native Instruments and Ueberschall. Together with them he released Producer Packs and Sample Libraries. He also places his beats in products like the industry leading sampler Kontakt (Kontakt3). Now you can buy Hip Hop Instrumentals and Hip Hop Beats online and instantly on his Website. Other Products as Sound Kits or Producer Packs are following. ©Tuny Beats 2013
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    Tuny Beats



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    Ueberschall, Native Instruments, Exclusive Audio

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    Genren : Hip Hop

    Statistik: 1 Fans / 2647 abgespielt / 22 Songs