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    Sunday February 05, 2012( 07:03 PM)

    Good Lookin out....20Inch you got a few tracks I have downloaded from your free sections. Im putting together and album and would like to feature a lot of the producers on here. I don't really like rapping over my own beats.


    Sunday January 22, 2012( 11:13 AM)

    Hi, I'm bigben. got a beat beat made ​​with the same sample as directed by your intense. Listen to my version at that, then you know what you can do would have made ​​the hot sample. when do you get your version also goosebumps, but is not that nice. greeting ben


    Sunday January 15, 2012( 08:49 PM)

    Yeah cool beats bro. On the Block is the best one. Great Job

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    Westcoast producer that loves to incorporate different musical styles into his instrumentals. Just as tight as the best but definetly different than the rest. Westcoast. Please feel free to contact me about anything. I do custom beats and inhome production if you stay in my area. Very low prices.
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    Calibread Music

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    Propellerhead Reason/IL Fruity Loops/Other

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    A decade of music. I began my musical career in the fall of 2001 with a group called the "Calico Ridaz". We blazed thru the streets releasing 3 full length albums. Our 3rd album entitled "Soldier Storytellers Volume 3 The Movie" to date has sold over 30,000 units via internet and instore sales. censored. I have produced well over 300 instrumentals and have worked and performed with many industry professionals and can be found on any major social medium.

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    Genres : Hip Hop

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