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    Habicht Music, his name is derived from the family name Habegger , already came at a young age in contact with hip hop music. The 30- year-old Swiss has been active since 1999 and can look back on an exciting time in the Swiss hip-hop culture. Express yourself with the music , either as a DJ, rapper or beat producer has always been a passion of his. After intensive Freestyle and DJ sessions in the own music room, the crew City Nord ( ) was founded in 2004. To date, four albums were released , the last was officially sold through the distribution channel of Nation Music. Most of the beats on ” Gar nid so lang här ” are produced by Habicht Music (you can buy the CD for 15dollar in the “Store” on this homepage). Since the year 2011, he has focused on his beat productions and was able to gather a lot of experience. His productions sounds sometimes atmospheric and playful, sometimes melodic or even aggressive and speedy. His goal is to establish itself in the market to make the music accessible to a wider audience and to realize new and exciting projects with various artists.
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